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Monday, June 1, 2009

KTM reveal plans for electric enduro motorcycle

KTM has started development for series production of a sports enduro with electric drive. The company has been testing a fully functional electric, zero local emissions enduro prototype motorcycle since mid 2008 and has now announced that mass production is set to begin in 2010.

The EV Enduro prototype has a 7 Kw (9.5 hp) electric motor that develops 40 Nm (29 ft/lb) of torque and carries lithium ion batteries capable of lasting one hour under full load. Full recharge takes one hour. The battery pack and electric motor together weigh 17kg, but this is offset by the removal of the motor/gearbox, cooling, fuel and exhaust systems, giving the bike a total weight of 90kg (198lbs).

KTM expects that price for such an electric motorcycle is not dramatically higher than the comparable KTM Sport Enduro with a combustion engine. As with most electric vehicles the motor acts as a generator during braking which returns energy to the battery that further extends running time.

KTM sees itself as an innovative market leader, so with the technological trend in vehicle technology so clearly heading in the direction of powertrain electrification, this means developing new forms of propulsion for its sports motorcycles. The company believes its Zero Emissions Electric Motorcycle products are a great opportunity to broaden the appeal of sports motorcycles to a wider audience and allow increased access to areas where noisy combustion engine bikes are currently banned.

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