Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UK and US surveys predict 20% market share for EVs by 2020

It must be survey season as we've received a flood of EV survey results in May all pushing their own political agenda. First cab off the rank is Reuters who summarized that 90% of Japanese would buy a highway capable electric car now. The aim of their survey seemingly to find what the sweet spot is for price (between $15,600 and $26,000).

Next comes the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) from the UK who found 20% of motorists are already keen to buy an EV despite the fact the biggest selling electric vehicle currently sold in the UK, the REVA G-Wiz, is technically not a car but a quadricycle.

The RAC decided to put negative spin on the results saying that 6.76 Million drivers in the UK were bound to be disappointed due to "The RAC Foundation has discovered that by the Government's own reckoning electric vehicles won't be available on the mass market until at least 2017, leaving millions of potential buyers frustrated."

I wonder what the RAC consider the Vauxhall Amera, due to be launched coincidentally at the same time the UK government EV incentives starts, swiss cheese?

Last but not least we have another establishment name, JPMorgan predicting that by 2020 13% or 11.28 million hybrids will be sold annually up from the 480,000 total hybrid vehicles sold around the world last year. They 'forecast' Hybrids will account for 20% of all vehicles sold in the US.

How anyone could take a JPMorgan survey seriously is beyond me. Anyway the results are skewed the message is loud and clear, there is plenty of pent up demand for Electric Vehicles around the world, be they plug in hybrid or battery electric.

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