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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pikes Peak EV record smashed by 75 seconds

Japanese driver Ikuo Hanawa at the wheel of a Yokohama sponsored Electric Sports Buggy Concept HER-02 smashed the electric vehicle record by over 75 seconds, climbing silently (save computer-generated warning beeps) to the top of the mountain in 13:17.575 a full one and a half minute improvement on the time set last year of 14:50.754.

Using Sanyo lithium-ion batteries providing power to the 200 kw AC Propulsion powertrain, Hanawa piloted to the end of the 12.4-mile, 156-turn course and the top of the 14,110-foot peak. The Electric Vehicle record stood at 14:33.12, set in 2003 by Jeri Unser in an AC Propulsion powered car sponsored by Compact Power, a subsidiary of LG, the same company contracted to supply batteries to General Motors for the Chevy Volt.

The EV record was originally set by Honda in 1999 at 15:19.91 using a full bodied 1997 Honda EV PLUS Type R. The outright record at Pikes Peak is 10:01.41 set by Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima' in the Unlimited Class.

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Unknown said...

I'd just like to clarify a few of the numbers:
1. Hanawa's official time was 13:17.575
2. The previous record was set by Jeri Unser in the AC-150 powered ER3 at 14:33.1 circa 2003
3. The AC Propulsion drive system in the Yokohama car was rated at 200kW

Sergius said...

Congratulations for the effort and evolution to the Yokohama EV team, specially to Ykuo Hanawa.
How about trying 4 in wheel motors for the next year?

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