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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Robert Llewellyn's new weekly Electric Car show 'Fullycharged'

We've caught up with Robert Llewellyn (of cult BBC sitcom Red Dwarf fame) previously with his Carpool series in which he interviewed notable business people, celebrities and other interesting characters. Bob was an obvious EV enthusiast from day one as most Carpool interviews were held in his Toyota Prius.

Around 6 months ago Llewellyn launched a new channel on Youtube more dedicated to the subject of EVs called Gearless where he posted 9 interesting episodes. This channel hasn't been updated since April presumably because they've been busy with preparations for the effort to become Fully Charged where Llewellyn now gets into full EVangelists mode.

All we can say is, there should be more of it!

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1 comment:

Sergius said...

Congratulations, Mr. Llewellyn.
We really need more people to compare the right things.
33% of the electricity consumed worldwide is used for refining oil and 53% of hydrogen produced worldwide is used for catalytic hydrogenation of the oil and formation of its hydrocarbons. When combining these two current consumption, we will have secured enough electricity to sustain the growth of the electric car industry in the next 20 years.
But if we think that the internal combustion engine has at most half the income of an electric motor (56% IC X 99% EM), we will be spending half of the electricity that we spend today, simply by adopting the electric car.
I didn't talk yet about CO2 and NOx...

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