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Saturday, March 14, 2009

TH!NK FROST: AWD, all-wheel-steer electric sports car concept

While World Rally Championship cars travel at incredible speed on ice covered roads using studded tires, something with more surface area is needed for an Artic Off-Road vehicle. Taking cues off four track snowmobiles Norwegian designer Anders Gloslie designed the FROST as a concept proposal for TH!NK, an electric car company based in Norway.

The layout of the FROST is a 2-seat sports car platform based on a tubular space frame chassis with double wishbone suspension front and rear teamed with push-rod actuated in-board coil over shock and spring units. The suspension features hydraulic wheel extenders to increase the track when required. The exterior styling was inspired by Arctic conditions and features numerous ‘cracks’, which house the lighting systems.

The electric drivetrain of the concept features All Wheel Drive (AWD), all-wheel-steering and includes radical tracks instead of conventional wheels that should offer superior traction when driving on snow, ice and slush. The fans at the back of the vehicle control air flow into the cockpit and adjust the temperature of the electric motors and battery packs. An “information hose” takes measurements of the weather and temperature at the rear of the vehicle and relays the information to screens inside and outside the vehicle.

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