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Monday, May 25, 2009

100% battery electric jet ski

While the MR1 electric hydrofoil jet ski we reported on was an EV concept now a new company, ECO Watercraft, have demonstrated a working prototype electric jet ski. It should be fairly common knowledge that two stroke internal combustion engines are amongst the most polluting motors on the planet. Some estimates say that one hour on a 2 stroke jet ski produces pollution equivalent to 15,000 miles driving an SUV.

For some reason, the logic of which totally escapes me, most 2 stroke engines used in off-road applications are totally free from any kind of noise of pollution reduction obligation. Right up there with light aircraft that have no muffler system yet are allowed to fly over populated areas, most 2 stroke motors used in motocross bikes, jet skis, chainsaws and a range of ridiculously noisy petrol powered gardening tools fall through a legal loop hole. With personal water craft it's not only air pollution but water pollution from the oil in the fuel and most noticeably noise pollution which has resulted in Jet skis being banned from many waterways. While the industry has moved towards 4 stroke engines in recent times, a battery electric jet ski conversion seems like a no brainer to solve these problems.

The ECO Watercraft web site offers no vehicle specifications but they say the EV personal watercraft will reach speeds up to 50 mph (80 km/h) and will provide 3 hours worth of silent riding pleasure from the unspecified battery pack.

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