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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ZAP releases some details on 8 kw Wheel Motor

Infamous EV company ZAP has announced plans to develop an 8000 watt EV wheel motor. Other than the power output no further technical details are provided. Zap say this latest wheel motor design is the result of more than five years of research to improve the power and efficiency of its electric vehicles.

This new design, Which is based on the 3 Kw scooter wheel motor, could go into production in various electric car and truck configurations by next year with adequate funding. The 8 Kw motor design is almost ten inches (255 mm) in diameter compared to the seven-inch (178 mm) diameter, 3 Kw motor powering the Zapino scooter.

In a typical vague forward looking statement, Zap intents to dangle the Wheel motor technology as bait for a $160 Million DOE loan application. We've heard of plans from this company before regarding wheel motors, namely the Vapourware ZAP-X EV SUV which made it onto WIRED magazines 2008 Vapourware awards list.

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