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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mitsubishi MiEV goes into production with 1,400 Units by Fiscal 2009

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today, on World Environment Day, unveiled the production version of the MiEV new-generation electric vehicle (EV), describing it as "the pioneer that will open the door to the next 100 years of our automobile society." The MiEV will go on sale on the Japanese market in late July of this year.

The MiEV is a re-engineered EV version of the Mitsubishi I microcar. The ICE is replaced with a 47 Kw / 180 Nm BLDC electric motor on the rear axle powered by a 16 kWh Lithium Ion battery pack. Even with the additional weight of the battery pack the MiEV still weighs only 1100kg and uses just 125Wh/km giving it a range of 160km (100 miles)

Mitsubishi Motors expects to distribute, on a maintenance lease basis, some 1,400 MiEV models in fiscal 2009 principally to corporations and to local authorities. The company plans to start sales of i-MiEV to individuals in April 2010 and will start taking orders in late July of this year.

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