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Friday, June 12, 2009

Team Agni Motors wins historic TTXGP

A former newspaper deliveryman and EV motor guru Cedric Lynch have won the world's first Electric Vehicle Grand Prix with a bike they started building two months ago in a shed in London's outskirts. They finished ahead of multi-million dollar US entries Mission Motors (4th) and Brammo (3rd).

The Team Agni X01 has a 16 kWh lithium-polymer-battery, two Agni 95 motors, that combined put out 80-horsepower, all bolted into a 2007 model Suzuki GSX-R600 road bike frame. Rider Rob Barber topped 106 mph during the run.

Underdog inventor Cedric Lynch has been developing his axial flux permanent magnet brushed DC motor for 30 years, since he built the first Lynch motor prototype using baked bean cans for lamination steel. This must seem like just reward after he had his IP stolen and was shown the door by the company who first put his motor into production LEMCO. Lynch had to start from scratch and partnered with Indian company Agni to achieve this historic result.

Team Agni was one of 60 entrants from 15 countries initially registered to compete when the race was announced. Sixteen showed up on the island last week; just nine finished the actual competition.

Pos 1 AGNI X01 (Rob Barber) - Time: 25:53:50 - Speed: 87.434
Pos 2 XXL Racing Team (Thomas Schoenfelder) - Time: 29:04:93 - Speed: 77.841
Pos 3 Brammo (Mark Buckley) - Time: 30:02:64 - Speed: 75.350
Pos 4 Mission Motors (Thomas Montano) - Time: 30:33:26 - Speed: 74.091
Pos 5 HTBlauva (Paul Dobbs) - Time: 36.10.63 - Speed: 62.575
Pos 6 Brunel X-team (Stephen Harper) - Time: 56:27:89 - Speed: 40.092

OPEN Class
Pos 1 Electric Motorsport (Chris Heath) - Time: 34:17:30 - Speed: 66.022
Pos 2 Barefoot Motors (Chris Petty) - Time: 36:23:06 - Speed: 62.219
Pos 3 TORK (John Crellin) - Time: 37:26:01 - Speed: 60.475

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