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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WiTricity to charge Electric Vehicle market

We recently wrote about some new wireless charging technologies that broke cover at the 2009 CES and wondered aloud if some of them might make their way into the electric vehicle market, particularly induction coupling whose simple mat like induction coil antenna lends itself to under car charging in parking spots or even at traffic lights. Well, it turns out the CEO over at WiTricity has had the same thoughts and is announcing a WiTricity product at the "First German Electric Vehicle Conference" in Bonn Germany today.

There will be two configurations used to charge Evs. The first being the aforementioned mat form factor that can easily be installed in home garages and commercial parking stations. The second is a vertical antenna that presumably lines up with a cars bumper. The vertical installation being more practical where perhaps embedding a coil in the road surface is not cost effective such as road side or curb parking.

No technical details have been released as yet but we'll keep you posted.

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