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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A 299 MPG Prius gets 2500 Miles + per tank

A forum member over at PRIUSchat who owns a 2006 2G Toyota Prius with a Hymotion A123 battery plug in conversion has been driving his hybrid to and from work for the last 3 months on a single tank of gas. He recently filled up with the trip computer reading 2501.7 Miles and 299.43MPG on one tank of gas and still had gas left over for 500+ more miles.

His driving routine includes using the ICE power plant only on 55 Mph highway sections of his trip while using EV mode on all other roads. He motors silently the first 25 miles every morning at 35 mph to the highway on ramp, boots into ICE mode down the highway and back into EV mode at the off ramp. According to his ScanGauge this totals out to about 400-500MPG per trip.

Distance: 2501.7 miles
Calculated MPG: 299.43MPG
Gallons gas used: 8.355 @ $2.599
Watt hours used: 439556.7 @ 8 cents per kWh
Watt hours per mile: 175.7
Total tank cost: $56.88
Cents per mile: 2.3

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