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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mitsubishi to launch series hybrid in 2010

Mitsubishi has confirmed plans to launch a range-extended series hybrid at the end of 2010. The company says that the vehicle will be a small SUV, similar in size to a Toyota RAV4, suggesting a car similar in design to the cX concept.

The drive train will be similar to the Voltec system - currently being developed for the Chevrolet Volt by General Motors. Operating as a 'range extended' electric vehicle, the Lithium Ion battery pack will be plug-in rechargeable and provide enough power for 40 miles of electric-only driving. Once depleted, a small petrol engine driven generator will kick in. The Mitsubishi 'i' city car has a 52bhp, 660cc turbo-charged three cylinder motor which may be used.

Mitsubishi is confident it can meet the deadline, emphasizing the fact that bringing the iMiEV to market as the first genuine mass-market e-car gives it a head start in the race to develop a usable range of e-cars to fit most user needs and circumstances.

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