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Monday, July 13, 2009

ReVolt and BASF to develop rechargeable Zinc Air battery

Rechargeable zinc-air battery developer, ReVolt Technology Ltd (Staefa, Switzerland) has signed a joint-development agreement with BASF to speed the development and commercialization of ReVolt's rechargeable zinc-air battery system.

Under the agreement, BASF will use its material scientists as well as its know-how in the area of electrochemistry to further advance the technology. BASF will supply key component materials and jointly developed subsystem elements necessary for the continued development and commercialization of ReVolt's rechargeable zinc-air batteries.

ReVolt, using its established technology base and know-how, will help BASF to assess today's and future potential of ReVolt's zinc-air, rechargeable battery technology, which provides a high energy solution for consumer and industrial market applications that is environmentally safe, reusable and recyclable. Revolt's zinc-air technology offers up to three times the energy density of lithium-ion in an inherently safe and cost-effective package representing a major leap forward and compelling value proposition for energy storage applications.

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