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Monday, July 27, 2009

Toyota to launch Prius-Based Hybrid Sports Coupe by 2012

As competitive as the auto indusry is we should've seen this coming. As a direct competitor to Honda’s upcoming CR-Z, Toyota are developing a new hybrid sports car based on a shortened Prius platform could have as much as 100mm removed from the wheelbase.

The same new 1.8L 2ZR-FXE engine and Hybrid Synergy Drive from the current 3rd generation Prius will be carried over with power increased by 27 kw to 100 kw (136 hp). Fuel consumption is expected to be slightly increased as a result.

To compete with the CR-Z, the new Toyota will of course be a 2-door, 2+2 seat configuration coupe. Much of the interior of the Prius will be carried over to the new car and the Prius-based hybrid sports coupe, which might carry the MR-2 badge, is expected to debut in mid-2012

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