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Friday, August 21, 2009

Kansas introduce lane hogging law

This news has nothing to do with EVs but is a subject close to most drivers hearts. Showing uncommon good sense, state authorities in Kansas have introduced a law making it illegal to hog the fast lane on multi lane roads.

Under the new law, drivers may only drive in the left lane of these highways when:

*Overtaking and passing another vehicle;
*Preparing to make a proper left turn;
*Otherwise directed by official traffic-control devices; or
*Otherwise required by other provisions of law.

The law applies to multi-lane roads, outside of any city, to travel in the right lane of traffic whenever two or more lanes are moving in the same direction. In the same law making session they also introduced a 'Move It' law for all those brain dead motorist who don't have the common sense to move their vehicles to a safe location (shoulder, nearest exit ramp) after crashing into another vehicle on a multi lane road.

It's one thing to make a law, it's quite another to have drivers aware of and obey it. Witness the large number of learner drivers, who are prohibited from expressways, seen driving down motorways, instructed to do so by supposedly experienced drivers.

What most good drivers consider common sense and courtesy now has to be made law to protect idiots from their own stupidity and rudeness. In the UK, trucks are prohibited from the outside lane on three lane motorways and many countries already have 'keep right unless overtaking' laws with regular sign posting but they are rarely, if ever, enforced.

Unfortunately we doubt a driver IQ test will ever be considered and mandatory or even optional advanced driver training seems as politically unlikely as ever. Perhaps Kansas may set an example there too.

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