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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Orbis: a one wheeled Segway type electric vehicle

We have seen one wheeled self balancing DIY projects before in the form of the notoriously hard to ride unicycle. The Orbis is more like a one wheeled Segway in that it has handlebars making learning to ride the device significantly easier.

The Orbis is a compact, electric vehicle concept that is an alternative to driving/walking in an urban area. Orbis will be able to be transport its user with little effort while being compact enough to fit inside a carry bag. Orbis will be gyroscopically self balancing on only one wheel and will be powered by a rechargable lithium ion battery.

Orbis was initially developed as a two-wheeled vehicle however, through research it was discovered that a self balancing vehicle could function on a singular wheel and therefore be light enough to be carried. To save space the vehicle will be made able to be compacted into as small a form as possible when not in use. The wheel itself can not be folded therefore all of the vehicles components fold around it.

Through further research it was determined that polycarbonate components and an aluminum frame would be the lightest materials for the project. Powered by an internal hub motor and a lithium ion battery, Orbis would weigh in at approximately 25 lbs (11 kg) and travel at a top speed of 13 mph (22km/h).

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