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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Honda's 2WD EV-Cub Electric Scooter

Honda may enter the electric motorcycle market with an EV version of the most-sold vehicle in human history, the Honda Cub. With over 60 million sold since 1958, after 50 years it is still in production. The Cub has already left a permanent mark on internal combustion transportation – could the Honda EV-Cub do the same in electric transportation?

Honda have not released any technical specs for the EV-Cub although it looks to feature hub motors front and rear making it two wheel drive. This makes the most of regenerative braking on the front to extend battery range and the superior stability of traction at both the front and rear when accelerating.

The EV-Cub “electric motorcycle” will be one of the featured vehicles at the Honda Tokyo Motor Show booth in the HELLO! Zone. Standing for Honda Electric mobility Loop, the HELLO! display incorporates many facets of zero-CO2 technology. Honda describes the HELLO! Zone as: “a comprehensive display of Honda's electromotive technologies, including automobiles, motorcycles, power products, and more-everything from products that supply electricity to products that incorporate electronic technologies.

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