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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Venturi team up to launch Intelligent Battery Management System

Thomas Debuisser, founder and controlling director of Clairitec, and Gildo Pallanca Pastor, CEO of Venturi, officially announce the creation of the "Ventec - Intelligent Battery Management System", a new generation of Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) enhancing both security and performance of Lithium technologies.

The "Battery Management System" (BMS) is a major factor in the mastery of embedded energy. It handles temperature control, battery balancing, charging and discharging management and data processing for the cells composing batteries.

A company specializing in embedded intelligence, Ventec develops "Ventec IBMS", Intelligent Battery Management System wich incorporates a new generation of software and electronic cards. The degree of measurement precision combined with a predictive system based on modelling of the various types of battery chemistries make "Ventec IBMS" a particularly innovative solution.

"Ventec IBMS" is intended for all battery manufacturers, but also for car manufacturers wanting to propose a secure and high-performance range of electric or hybrid vehicles.

French "Ventec IBMS" technology is an important advance wich will help to speed up the marketing of reliable and competitive Lithium battery packs.

Clairitec is a digital and electronic engineering firm specializing in the design and production of industrial electronics. In just twelve years, Clairitec has become a reference in the provision of electronic solutions in the areas of aeronautics, automotive and medical equipment. Clairitec benefits from recognized expertise in the development of electronic cards and software specific to BMS. This expertise is backed up by the production of 12,000 electronic cards since 2000.

Since 2001, Venturi has pursued a policy of spearhead innovation enabling it to become a major player in the field of electric vehicles. Mastering the most advanced technological solutions in this sector, Venturi can claim unique feedback from its experience in the various battery technologies. Its expertise ranges from high-performance vehicles to urban cycles through conversion of vehicles into electric propulsion.

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