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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

130 Mph EV Superbike launched by Mavizen the TTX02

Mavizen has unveiled their TTX02 electric superbike today at SEMA. The bike uses a KTM sourced RC8 chassis, to replace the Suzuki frame used in the TTX01 prototype, and a pair of Agni motors, the same electric motors that won the inaugural TT GXP

Mavizen is the technical arm of the TTXGP and the new FIM sanctioned race series that has sprung from it. It plans on offering a limited number of TTX02’s to potential EV racing privateers, which will give them a bike that they can race without having to build and EV bike from scratch.

The bike is described as a “laptop on wheels”, in reference to the fact that each machine comes with dedicated IP access, and connectivity to a wifi network. Why a 'race' bike needs internet access is questionable.

Propulsion comes from a pair of Agni 95 electric motors, each producing 22.5 kilowatts continuous power (about 30 horsepower) and 36 kilowatts peak (48.2 horsepower) giving the race bike close to 100 hp. The the bike weighs 110kg without batteries and “about 160 kilograms” ready to ride.

Riders will choose one of three lithium-ion packs, each developed specifically for one of the TTXGP’s three racing classes. The biggest pack is an 11 kilowatt-hour unit designed for the 38-mile Isle of Man TT course. The 6 kilowatt-hour Circuit pack is for the 25-mile course. A smaller “Sprint” pack is being developed for the eGrandprix’s six-mile course.

The drivetrain is swappable, allowing racers to mix-and-match packs and motors to suit the circuit and their riding style. The software controlling it all runs on Linux

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