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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coulomb EV charging points in Australia by 2010

Coulomb Technologies announced today that it has signed an agreement with a Sydney-based company to distribute Coulomb's charging stations throughout Australia.

The agreement is exclusive to ChargePoint Pty Ltd, which Coulomb says is in "advanced discussions with a number of government and private sector partners for pilot projects in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, which are all due to commence in the first half of 2010."

The pilot projects will be used to evaluate charging behavior, energy grid load analysis, and environmental and societal impacts.

The first mass produced electric vehicles will arrive in Australia in 2010, with most manufacturers expected to release models down under in 2012. Coulomb is clearly hoping to have its charging stations in place in time to meet demand.

Meanwhile, Coulomb announced today that the Elk Horn, Iowa, will be getting four of its charging stations this week. That's significant because at present there are no EV charging stations between Denver and Chicago.

Coulomb says the stations will be the first of many along the I-80 corridor through Nebraska and Iowa.

And in California, Sequoia Solar, a San Diego company that designs and installs grid-connected solar systems, has announced plans that it will unveil the first of many networked solar-powered EV charging station this week.

Powered by a combination of the sun and Coulomb's charging stations, Sequoia said it plans to extend Coulomb's network and their own solar technologies throughout San Diego County.

In little over a year, Coulomb Technologies of Campbell, California, has gone from zero installed charging stations to chargers installed in many cities and on several continents. Our hats are off to CEO Richard Lowenthal, the driving force behind the spread of the stations.

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