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Monday, November 2, 2009

Seattle to get 2,500 electric car charging stations

Next year, Seattle will be one of five cities to get 2,500 charging stations under a $100 million federal grant to the Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec). Consumers who participate will receive a 220-volt charging station in their home.

A spokesman for the Seattle mayor’s office, Alex Fryer, says about 1,000 charging stations will be in residences and 1,500 in a network for the metro area.

Mayor Greg Nickels and Nissan North America signed an agreement in April to make Seattle one of the first markets for the all-electric LEAF.

In addition, Nissan has chosen Seattle as one of a few test markets for the company’s new LEAF, an all-electric, zero-emission vehicle. About 600 electric vehicles are estimated to be in King County now, although Seattle has the nation’s largest chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association. (’s John Stang has an earlier story here about the anticipation in Seattle for electric vehicles).

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