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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ecotricity to attempt electric land speed record

Dale Vince is to attempt to break the current British electric land speed record of 137mph in February in his racing car dubbed Nemesis.

According to The Times, Dale Vince is Britain’s richest green entrepreneur, worth £58 million after he launched Ecotricity, an energy provider which invests profits into wind turbines.

Nemesis, developed by Formula One engineers, cost £400,000 to build. In tests so far, it can reach 60mph in less than four seconds. It can run 150 miles between charges and can be powered in one hour from a high charge or eight hours from the mains supply. Dubbed the ‘first wind-powered car’, Nemesis has been run on purely wind-generated electricity.

Vince told the newspaper he is confident he will break the land speed record set in August 2000 by Don Wales.

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electric cylinders said...

we'll see if he can surpass the record in 2000..:)

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