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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hybrids Grew to 13.5% of New-Auto Sales in Nov

Toyota’s Prius maintained its top spot in Japan new passenger car sales in November for the seventh month in a row, posting 26,815 units, according to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. Total passenger car sales for the month were 268,450 units giving the Prius a 9.7% shares of sales.

Honda’s Insight hybrid came in fifth in the overall rankings for the month, with 9,413 units sold. Combined, the two dedicated hybrids accounted for 13.5% of new vehicle sales for the month.

From April and September, hybrids constituted an average monthly 8.9% of sales in unit terms.

Since its Oct. 20 unveiling, Toyota's SAI hybrid passenger car -- which hits the market Monday -- has drawn pre-orders for 14,000 units, or roughly 4.7 times the automaker's monthly sales target. Hybrids could thus make up an even larger proportion of new-auto sales in the months to come.

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Sergius said...

Hybrids are the most intelligent solution for transition from internal combustion vehicles to pure electric cars.
Because of the evident superior efficience of the electric motors, the simple adoption of them is enough to reduce almost to the middle the new IC motor size.

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