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Friday, December 11, 2009

Next-generation Nissan GT-R will go hybrid

We predicted this way back in March with our report on the Infiniti Essence which essentially has a Hybrid version of the GT-R engine installed, but now latest reports from Japan’s Best Car Magazine expect the next-generation of the Nissan GT-R will go hybrid. The next GT-R will come with an electric motor capable to deliver around 160 hp but also with a powerful gasoline engine which will deliver around 440 hp which coincidentally are the same specs as the Essence.

This means that the new car will deliver an impressive 600 hp and promises to be a real punch for the sports cars manufacturers and like the current model it will be a rival for every sports car in the world. Unfortunately this are the only details regarding the new model but we promise that we will find out new things and let you know!

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