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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sydney Australia on electric vehicle fast track

Sydney is one of six cities around the world to take part in a program to speed up the introduction of electric vehicles.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said Sydney is part of the program which will fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles by establishing charging stations and converting car fleets.

'The program will facilitate the planning, design and deployment of electricity supply facilities and systems for electric vehicles in collaboration with relevant regional utilities,' Ms Moore said in a statement.

Ms Moore is at the Summit on Climate for Mayors, which is meeting in Copenhagen at the same time as the UN's climate change summit.

She said the City of Sydney Council wanted to set up the first public charging stations before the end of next year.

She said electric vehicles were an important part of more sustainable transport around the city, including light rail, cycling and walking.

About 700,000 cars travel in the Sydney local government area each day and transport currently accounts for about nine per cent of the city's greenhouse gas emissions

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