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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Williams rule out KERS for 2010

Work on the Flywheel based energy recovery system stopped in favor of other projects.

Despite Williams technical director Sam Michael stating in September 2009 that Williams would definitely run KERS in 2010, Williams Hybrid Power (WHP) boss Ian Foley revealed today that Williams will not be using KERS in 2010.

WHP stopped its program to concentrate on non motorsport programs. "Since we stopped the F1 program we have doubled the number of staff we have" explained Ian Foley at the MIA Cleaner Racing. " To do F1 again we would need to increase staffing levels."

Foley also took a dig at some of the anti-KERS faction in F1, "those who pushed KERS out were those who had fell behind." For Williams who's flywheel KERS system reportedly never made it as far as track testing, this sounds like a fairly hypocritical comment.

KERS is not banned in F1, though there is an agreement amongst FOTA teams not to use the systems this year. Williams September announcemnt marked tham as the only team expected to rock the apple cart but today news means they have fallen in line with all the other FOTA teams.

It remains to be seen if any teams break ranks during the 2010 F1 season. With refueling banned in 2010 KERS would prove a significant advantage allowing cars to consume less fuel over a race distance meaning they could start with a lighter fuel load.

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