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Friday, February 5, 2010

Peugeot to offer discount rental scheme with Ion EV

Peugeot will back the launch of its Ion electric car at the end of this year with cut-price car-rental under the new Mu mobility program, launched in Paris today.

Knowing that owners of electric cars with a limited range will need a back-up combustion-engined model for longer journeys, Peugeot will offer around 20 per cent off the cost of renting a hatchback, convertible or utility car, when owners enrol in the Mu scheme.

“The Ion can exist without Mu, but we will offer it to support our electric car,” says Pierre Garnier, the marketing director of Peugeot France.

Under the Mu banner are a range of rental services for cars, scooters and bicycles, together with accessories like roof boxes and child seats.

As well as Ion owners, Mu will be available to anyone with a valid driving license whether they own a Peugeot or not. “It isn’t a loyalty scheme, but a chance to rent all sorts of transportation services from under one roof,” says Garnier.

Peugeot is claiming a world first for a rental scheme that includes such a wide variety of machinery.

The idea behind Mu is to fit in with the changing world of transportation in which owners of smaller cars may want to rent a utility vehicle for a weekend’s family holiday or a convertible for a fun weekend. Or in an urban environment rent a scooter after arriving long-distance by plane or train.

Membership of the scheme is required, at a likely cost of around £10, for which owners get an account and membership card.

Mu has been trialled in four French cities and goes live at five further dealers in central Paris today.

Peugeot UK is working out details of the Mu scheme in the UK in readiness for a launch later this year and likely to be centered on the Peugeot-owned dealer network Robins & Day in London.

Prices for the various UK rental services will be worked out in the coming months.

Using the French prices as guides, they will be 20 per cent cheaper than typical rental rates and also include insurance and the collision damage waiver, which bump up the basic cost of car rental.

In France a 207CC and 308CC can be rented for a weekend for 115 euro and 160 euro respectively.

There’s not even a age limitation, so these convertibles can be driven by 18 year olds. As yet it’s unclear if the same rules will apply in the UK.

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