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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lance Armstrong to Become First Nissan Leaf Owner

Nissan has partnered with cycling legend Lance Armstrong to help promote the LEAF electric car.

Nissan is positioning the vehicle as being aligned with a healthy living lifestyle. They will be providing a fleet of 40 LEAFs to accompany cyclists in the Amgen Tour of California. This is a part of Nissan’s larger Master the Shift campaign which will also be an element of the NYC Marathon in the fall.

Not only will Armstrong promote the LEAF in the media, but apparently will become its first owner.

According to Nissan Director of Marketing and Media Erich Marx, Armstrong, who lives in Austin Texas, will take delivery of his LEAF on September 1st.

The cars will roll out to the greater public in December.

Armstrong supports electric cars because of his experience as a cycling athlete who has been subjected to tailpipe exhaust from cars he shares the roads with. He considers the pollution not only unhealthy but a performance reducer. The LEAF, he says is “the next level.”

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