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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nissan Introduces Quick EV Charger

Nissan Motor Co. announced today that it is commencing sales of Nissan-developed quick chargers through its regional parts sales affiliates in preparation for the December release of its Nissan LEAF, the all new zero emission car.

Nissan developed the quick charger in-house, applying its R&D expertise accumulated in development of EVs and related plant equipment which already installed its EV production plants. This gives the quick charger a competitive pricing advantage at the manufacturer's preferred price of 1.47 million yen.

Nissan plans to install 200-volt standard chargers at 2,200 Nissan dealers nationwide before December, 2010. In addition to that these quick chargers will be available at 200 selected dealers as well. For the convenience of Nissan LEAF drivers, at least one quick-charge unit will be available within a 40-kilometer radius throughout the country.

Nissan-made Quick Charger
Four main features
1. Safety
For safety, the charger maintains close communication with the vehicle, including various safety equipment like an anti-short-circuit monitor. Also it can be used under every climate.

2. Broad compatibility
The product follows the CHAdeMO protocol (*1) so it works not only with Nissan EVs but with those of other auto makers' EVs as well.

3. Temperature durability
In addition to the standard model, Nissan offers variants for hot and cold climates.

4. Competitively priced
The equipment and high technology of Nissan plants eliminate waste in the production process and make the charger elegantly simple, allowing a very competitive price.

Nissan Level III Fast Charger
Model No.NSQC-44-A-1NSQC-44-B-1NSQC-44-C-1
Rated input49kW three-phase 200VAC
Output voltageto 500VDC
Output currentto 125A
Power supply connectorCompatible with JEVS G 105-1993
Optimal operating temp. range-10~40 °C-10~50 °C-20~40 °C
Special features Cooling systemHeater and cold-safe cable

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