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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Volvo ReCharge WHEEL MOTOR Test Drive (w/Video)

The camera work is terrible but this is VERY rare footage of a wheel motor powered EV being driven at speed. This is the Volvo ReCharge concept car driven on a fairly level race track.

All previous demonstration videos featuring vehicles powered by PML wheel motors, including the Volvo ReCharge and Ford F-150 and Lightning GT, have been at low speeds suggesting that the cars are either fitted with only one operational wheel motor and/or they are a long way short of their extravagant torque claims.

The 'sound' heard in this video is a result of the 16 khz carrier frequency used in the inverters. This frequency is within the audible range of human hearing. The inverters in silent BLDC or AC electric vehicles (like the Tesla Roadster) use a carrier frequency of 20 khz or higher.

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