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Monday, June 7, 2010

Lightning strikes TTXGP Round Two at Road America

Michael Barnes on the no. 80 Lighning Motors Bike won top prize in the second round of the TTXG North American championship

Round Two of the TTXGP North American Championship got under way today under cool and dry weather conditions – almost perfect for many of the electric bikes that had been affected by the high heat, humidity and rain experienced during the practice and qualifying sessions of the past two days.

The race was started by TTXGP guest Steven Li, the CEO of Kelly Controllers of China, a key supporter and supplier to the TTXGP World Series 2010.

Despite lining up from the back of the pack, Michael Barnes surged ahead at the start and took the checker flag for Lightning Motors and celebrated the team's first victory after finishing second at Infineon just three weeks ago. He averaged 80.402 mph over the five lap distance of the 4.05 mile circuit

Zoe Rem took second place on the AGNI Motors bike, making her the first female rider to podium at a TTXGP race. Thad "the WolffMAN" Wolff came third on the Team Electra bike, proving that a combination of racing experience, a vintage chassis and a high-tech electric powertrain can provide enough power for a podium finish. His thoughts on his secret for success "its the mileage not the age".

Jennifer Bromme of Werkstatt, finished fourth despite suffering a rolling repeat of the "reboot stop" of Infineon round 1 during the Road America race.

James Pooler on suffered from major over heating and dropped back early to finish fifth. The EMS boys were quick to diagnose the issue and promise to come back fighting fit for Mosport.

Mike Hannas was unable to repeat his Infineon success again being affected by the heat exacerbated by punishing long straights of Road America.

Scotty Ryan rounded off the field to an excellent day of racing with the big winners being the fans who were well rewarded with a great show and appreciated the hard work by filling the TTXGP paddock at the Orion Tech Center after the race. The teams graciously answered questions, signed t-shirts and allowed fans to take photographs against the bikes.

The prize giving ceremony was presided over by George Bruggenthies, President and General Manager of Road America.

TTXGP North American Championship 2010 now moves to round 3 Mosport, Canada on 8-11th July. We invite you all to be part of it and watch evolution happen in real time, with real speed and real thrills.

Special thanks to David Herron for allowing us to use his photos.

FinishedNo. Name Team Laps Best Tm Best Speed
1 80 Michael Barnes Lightning Motors 5 2:57.689 82.053
2 22 Zoe Rem Agni Motors 5 2:55.874 82.900
3 37 Thad Wolff Team Electra 5 3:06.374 78.230
4 23 Jennifer Bromme Werkstatt 5 3:20.053 72.881
5 20 James Pooler 5 3:11.849 75.997
6 15 Mike Hannas Electric Race Bikes 5 3:27.094 70.403
7 16 Scotty Ryan Square Wave Racing 4 3:57.668 61.346

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