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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mitsubishi Motors Announces Shipment of i-MiEV Electric Vehicle to Australia

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced today the shipment of its i-MiEV new-generation electric vehicle (EV) to Australia starting from July.

MMC, along with its Australian distributor Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited, has been conducting EV promotional activities aimed at electric power companies and other entities since February of this year with 2 i-MiEVs.

Forty i-MiEVs will be shipped starting from July. With high environmental awareness and the i-MiEV garnering praise in Australia, plans are to sell the i-MiEVs via lease to customers from July.

The i-MiEV was first sold in Japan in July of 2009 mainly to corporations and municipalities, and in April of this year sales to individuals was commenced. In addition to high environmental performance and handling inherent to a car with a compact body, the i-MiEV has been lauded for its motive power, stability, quietness and its comfortable ride.

The sale of the i-MiEV in Australia marks the 2nd market outside of Japan that the i-MiEV will be sold, after Hong Kong, which began sales in May of this year.

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