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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Work continues on Wheel Motor EV project

Work continues on the Evans Electric Wheel Motor EV project. Featuring all wheel drive, the four Axial Flux, 3 phase, AC Induction wheel motors are nearing completion and have been trial fitted to the vehicle.

The Wheel Motors are based on Linear Induction Motor (LIM) principles, each having a double sided stator with a 415 mm diameter ladder bar disc rotor producing up to 70 kw (95 hp) continuous

The car has no conventional friction brakes as the AC Wheel Motors in regeneration will brake with as much torque as they accelerate right down to a stop. Because the Wheel Motors are inside all four 19" wheels, brake regeneration can be maximised as 70% of braking effort normally occurs on the front axle.

The battery pack, which weighs only 40 kg, is completed and has been fitted to the chassis via the standard fuel tank mounts. Using this location keeps the center of gravity as low as possible and provides weight distribution similar to that of a mid-engined sports car.

A123 lithium ion Nanophosphate batteries were chosen for their high 50C discharge rate which allows maximum power from the smallest possible battery pack. This keeps gross vehicle mass to a minimum, essential when demonstrating the blistering acceleration capabilities of these wheel motors. The high charge rate of these A123 cells will allow the recovery of as much regenerated brake energy as possible and 5 minute recharge times.

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Source: Evans Electric

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