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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Record Speed of 307.66 MPH stands for Buckeye Bullet 2.5

After setting a new 300+ Mph record on Tuesday the last attempt Wednesday has ended in a mechanical. Everything was looking great, but midway through the first mile, the Buckeye Bullet broke it's clutch. Too much torque from the motor ripped apart the half inch steel teeth that keep the motor connected to the gearbox.

After a late night of trying to disassemble the motor and reinstall another type of clutch, the team decided to call it: the old record of 321.834 mph set by the same team with the original Buckeye Bullet in 2004 will have to stand as 307.66 MPH will stay the best achieved with VBB2.5.

There's no video of VBB2.5 on-line yet so we're included a clip of the same car from last year powered by a hydrogen FC.

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