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Friday, September 17, 2010

Li-ion - Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE

This side-by-side two seat urban car was the sleeper of the competition. Built on a lightweight aluminum chassis and carrying 20.7 kWh of perhaps the best available lithium-ion batteries for BEV applications (Dow-Kokam), the vehicle still weighed in at only 2176 pounds. Paired with a permanent magnet electric motor of 38 kW continuous power and a 91.5% efficient battery charger, the Wave II demonstrated outstanding low mechanical and aerodynamic drag resulting in high efficiency.

Team Name: Li-Ion Motors
Location: North Carolina
Vehicle: Wave II
Class: Alternative Side by Side
No. of wheels: Four
Passengers: Two
Drive type: Battery electric, front-wheel-drive
Power source: Lithium-ion batteries

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