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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nissan LEAF Pre-Orders Start in UK

Tuesday saw the first day that the order books opened in the United States; now it is the UK’s turn for pre-orders.

For Europe, Nissan bills this as the “first step in securing a place on the list to receive the ground-breaking Nissan LEAF and means… British customers will be first in line to receive the car in Europe when it launches early next year. Nissan LEAF deliveries begin in…the UK in March.”

Much like the reservation system that was in place for the US, customers need to go to the Nissan online web site to sign up, along with placing a (fully-refundable) deposit of £257.

Now if £257 sounds like a strange and totally random number as compared to the US $99 dollar special, you would be wrong. Nissan (UK division) gave us the reason behind this number just recently, stating that it was the approximate cost of electricity over one year’s use of the LEAF. (10,000 miles x LEAF elec. consumption rate) x EDF London Band B Electricity Rate inc VAT

After government rebates, the LEAF is advertised for sale as £23,990, but act quick if you want one, Nissan reportedly only has about 1,000 copies to go on sale to the public in 2011.


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