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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fully Charged Episode 8 - Plug In Toyota Prius

In this weeks episode of Fully Charged Robert Llewellyn spends some time with a Plug-In Toyota Prius. We'll fill in some of the details Robert neglected to mention.

The Prius PHV is part of a 20-car lease programme that is being run in the UK by Toyota and EDF Energy over the next three years.

Based on the third-generation Prius, it uses lithium-ion battery technology allowing the Prius PHV to travel much further, and at higher speeds, on electric power alone, compared to standard NiMH hybrid cars.

This means an electric-only range of up to 12.5 miles at speeds of up to 62mph. This Prius PHV delivers 108.6mpg (combined cycle) according to official tests.

Toyota UK says the Plug-In Prius will be offered in limited number to customers from 2012


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