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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Stig Test Drives the Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Ben Collins aka The Stig, who recently quit the BBCs Top Gear to get in front of the camera himself, has chosen to do his first video review driving the Nissan Leaf Electric Car.

Collins is an obvious fan of the plug-in Leaf (and Tesla Roadster) so we are left to speculate that perhaps one of the reasons for Collins leaving Top Gear was their ridiculously negative and antiquated attitude towards electric cars.

Collins is infinitely more qualified to review cars, with 10 years motor racing experience, than either a ex-small town newspaper hack (Clarkson), an ex-musician (May) or an ex-radio presenter (Hammond).

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1 comment:

Paul Scott said...

So good to hear someone of Mr. Collins' stature speaking highly of electric vehicles. He clearly "gets it" in the same way those of us who have been driving EVs for many years get it.

These cars are going to take over as quickly as the carmakers can build them. The benefits Mr. Collins spoke of are but a small percentage of the full benefits EVs will bring to society.

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