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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mission Motors launches Powertrain Division at SEMA

Electric motorcycle startup Mission Motors on Tuesday announced plans to market its powertrains to other vehicle makers.

The San Francisco-based company’s new division, called Mission Electric Vehicle Technology (MissionEVT), grew out of its development of the Mission One electric motorcycle, and the advancements it made in energy storage, drive systems and software to manage electric vehicles, according to the company.

Mission Motors president and co-founder Edward West said earlier this year that the company’s high-profile launch of its electric motorcycle had been beneficial as it looked to establish partnerships to market its powertrain technology.

Beyond motorcycles, the company says its technology can be adapted for use in automobiles, including gasoline hybrids. In addition to creating an opportunity for high-volume sales for Mission Motors, MissionEVT will also help automakers “keep pace with the rapid electrification of vehicles,” Mission Motors CEO Jit Bhattacharya said in a statement.

Mission Motors isn’t the only electric vehicle company banking on selling components and technology to other automakers. In October, Tesla Motors inked a deal with Toyota to develop an electric powertrain for an electric RAV4.

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