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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Supercapacitor Market to Reach $3B in 2016

According to industry analyst firm NanoMarkets, worldwide sales of supercapacitors will grow from around $400 million ($US) in 2010 to reach about $3.0 billion by 2016. This report, "Market Opportunities for Supercapacitors" is part of the ongoing coverage that NanoMarkets provides for novel energy storage applications ranging from thin-film batteries to storage technologies for renewable energy.

In addition to quantifying the supercapacitor market and analyzing its key trends, this report discusses the activities of leading firms including CAP-XX, ESMA, Ioxus, LG, Maxwell, NEC, Nesscap, Nippon Chemi-Con and Panasonic and of some of the growing number of supercapacitors start-ups including Advanced Capacitor, Axion, EEStor, EnerG2, FastCAP, Graphene Energy, Reticle, and Y-Carbon.

Key findings:

According to NanoMarkets’ report, applications for supercapacitors in public transport and private vehicles currently account for almost 60 percent of the supercapacitor market. By 2016, the transportation/vehicular sector’s market share will fall to around 35 percent, as new applications for supercapacitors emerge.

The fastest growing market for supercapacitors will be found in the consumer electronics industry, which is expected to demand more than $725 million in these devices by 2016.

NanoMarkets believes that frequency regulation in next-generation electricity grids will provide $540 million in business for supercapacitor firms in 2016.

NanoMarkets believes that the rapid improvement in performance of supercapacitors in the past five years has dramatically increased the markets that can be addressed by supercapacitors and expects further growth driven by the use of new electrode and electrolyte materials and by further miniaturization of the supercapacitors themselves.


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