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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GM to launch Volt/Ampera sub-brand in 2015

According to a recent report, GM is planning to launch a major extended-range offensive when the next-generation Chevrolet Volt (Opel / Vauxhall Ampera) is unveiled in 2015.

While the company has already shown the Volt MPV5 concept, strong Volt/Ampera demand has forced GM to hold back on additional variants. However when the next-generation launches, the company will be able to add new production facilities which will allow them to introduce a Volt/Ampera sub-brand that will consist of three models - a crossover, an Astra-sized hatchback, and a slightly larger version of today's Volt/Ampera.

Speaking with AutoCar, Nick Reilly - the president of GM Europe - revealed the next-generation Volt will be cheaper and offer a longer electric range. More importantly, if governments continue their current incentives, the next-generation Volt will be priced competitively with traditional petrol-powered models.


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