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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nissan LEAF Aero Concept to Debut @ Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan has announced plans to debut nine vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The Leaf Aero Style concept boasts a new front bumper, extended side skirts, and restyled mirrors. Other goodies include LED daytime driving lights and unique wheels.

To highlight dealership accessories, the Juke Sporty Package has a rear spoiler, chrome accents, and 17-inch aluminum wheels.

Minivan enthusiasts can rejoice as the Elgrand Rider Premium concept has been "specifically tuned up for a higher level of driving performance." While Nissan declined to elaborate, the concept has quilted leather seats and wood trim.

Lastly, the NISMO GT-R RC is track ready as it boasts a slick tire-compatible suspension, an FIA-compliant roll cage, and a 120-liter safety fuel tank. It will be "able to compete in various production races held around the world." Hopefully, Nissan will release photos soon.

Other vehicles on display include the March Bolero, Serena Rider, NISMO Fairlady Z (aka 370Z), NISMO Elgrand S-tune, and Motul Autech GT-R.

Source: Nissan

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