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Sunday, January 16, 2011

BMW Megacity 'will not be cheap'

BMW’s Megacity will be “expensive” when it is launched in 2013, a source has revealed.

The carbonfibre electric hatch will be pricier than a Nissan Leaf – which will cost around £23,350 after the Government’s £5000 electric car incentive – but “BMW is a premium product and electric mobility will not be cheap,” the source added.

However, they also predicted that technology advances will lead to prices coming down in the future.

The Megacity is BMW’s radical design based on a corrosion-proof aluminium chassis and carbon passenger cell, as well as a robust electric motor and single-speed gearbox meaning that only the battery pack has a fixed life.

With only half the number of parts of a conventional car, it should also be cheaper and quicker to build.

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Sergius said...

Many studies of alternative chemical elements to lithium (Li), for batteries and neodymium (Nd) in the case of the permanent magnets have great progresses, but while these new batteries and motors are not ready, the electric vehicle will remain a luxury car, not a cheap mass product, although longer be viable with the incentives of governments that decided to collaborate.
Moreover, the ICE vehicles never been the cheapest thing you can afford.

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