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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cosworth to sell integrated KERS package by 2013

In December 2010 the FIA approved new 'Green' engine rules for the 2013 season. In late December news leaked of Cosworth's interest in expanding into KERS and transmission package supply. Cosworth F1 Business Manager, Mark Gallagher, has commented on their KERS developments.

“At the moment Williams are the only one of our customers who are going to be using KERS in 2011. Virgin and HRT are not. Both those teams have expressed an interest in KERS for 2012. Obviously in Williams’ case they have got their own hybrid power company and have their own solution so we’re integrating a Williams solution with a Cosworth solution to provide what we want.

“We have a number of options for how we might proceed in the future. Obviously Williams would be very interested to sell their system to more and more teams. As everyone has seen Williams recently agreed to supply transmission systems to HRT but equally we’ve had discussions with a number of suppliers and with all of our teams about options for the future. I don’t want to say too much other than that we have some pretty clear thoughts as to what we’d like to do for 2013.

“We’re not ready yet to announce what those are but, clearly, having a completely integrated rear end of the car will be the right thing to have. So that means engine, transmission and KERS designed together and working together in complete harmony, providing the right weight distribution, providing the right functionality and operational requirements.

“So, what I would say is the days of Cosworth doing just the engine and not worrying about everything else are coming to an end because we have to take a holistic view. Obviously Ferrari, who we are selling engines against, and Mercedes and Renault, because they own teams they’ll be sitting down and thinking ‘how can we do the whole thing?’ We have to be in the same mindset.

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