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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New World Record: Tesla Roadster Goes 347.2 Miles On One Charge

The owner of an all-electric Tesla Roadster from Texas has set a new record for distance traveled on a single battery charge: 347.2 miles or 555.5 kms.

The GPS log of the trip, completed on a closed circuit in California last week, has been posted as proof, but Tesla Motors hasn’t officially verified the new record.

The record is for a production vehicle — no extra batteries or special modifications allowed. The roadster is special in one way; it was the 1000th car to roll off the Tesla assembly line. (Hence its license plate: VIN1K.)

The car, which can reach 120 mph, didn’t set any speed records on this journey. The two-person driving team maintained a nearly constant speed of 25 mph.

The previous record distance traveled on one charge in a standard production Tesla Roadster was 501 kms or 313 miles set during the 2009 World Solar Challenge in Australia. Tesla Motors puts the official range for the roadster at 244 miles on a single charge.

Source: TylerVault

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