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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tesla Model S Hits the Road [Video]

Model S Alpha Hits the Road from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

As a follow up to their 'Tesla Vehicle Engineering' series of videos and as part of the on going Model S marketing campaign (the car is not expected to be launched until early 2013), Tesla Motors have just released a short video of the Model S Alpha on the road.

The video contains no commentary and provides no new details but it does illustrate that Tesla have a Model S mule at the road dynamics testing stage.

Before Model S enters production it will have been thoroughly tested using both computer simulations and test vehicles. Tesla will complete two vehicle testing phases, Alpha and Beta. The Alpha phase began in 2010.

Tesla have made many detailed changes between the original Model S unveiled to the public in March 2009 and the Alpha model shown in the video. Changes noticed @ first glance include:

- Longer front door
- Shorter rear door
- 1/4 window in rear door
- Totally different front bumper
- Re-shaped headlights
- Different shape vent in side of front guard
- Totally different lines between hood & A pillar

Feel free to post any changes you have noticed in the comments section below.

2009 version

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