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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept [video]

At the Geneva Auto Show this year, German manufacturer BMW will be bringing a new interpretation of the Vision concept shown in 2009 in Frankfurt. This time, however, the concept has been created not as an extension of a power train, but as an extension of the drivers themselves.

To be used as a show-and-tell platform for BMW's finest technologies in terms of “current and future methods of mobile networking,” packed with eye-catching, mind-blowing infotainment systems, the car will also benefit from a very special unveiling during the Geneva event.

Among the technologies developed by BMW for the concept, one of the most important is the new interpretation of the Head-Up Display (HUD). Build to render the information in 3D, it is capable of projecting information about the route precisely onto the location of a possible turn-off - in relation to the actual field of view.

Working in conjunction with the display is the freely programmable instrument cluster, which is used to complement the projections generated by the HUD. Also built to render the information in 3D, the cluster is said to be able to enhance the impact of the data relayed to the driver by means of graphics.

In the Vision ConnectedDrive concept, the passenger too can feel he is part of the car. The Passenger Information Display can be used by the wannabe co-pilot to evaluate information or address details for the navigation system. The funny side of the ride is insured by means of an Emotional Browser, which can gather data about the surroundings, including people, mood or location.

On the outside of the car, an array of sensors embedded into the headlights and the rear lights is used to monitor the traffic situation and the environment. The outside mirrors have been replaced by antennas, which are used as transmission-reception hubs for the data transmitted from or to the vehicle.

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