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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wall Street Journal runs a Leaf Battery Flat in Manhattan [video]

The Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal off shoot Barron's recently assigned female reporter Naureen Malik to test drive the Nissan Leaf with a brief to go for maximum tabloid sensationalism.

Despite the in-car systems verbally nagging this woman for 20 miles to either drive slower (i.e not as filmed in the left lane driving at 65 mph) or charge the vehicle, this inept reporter just continued to drive until the over dramatic grand standing finale of a flat bed truck needing to be called to remove the all-electric Leaf from the middle of the road, hood up, hazards flashing.

This feat was achieved in the very district that gave birth to the era of electricity with Thomas Edison's Pearl Street Station, where the density of electrical power outlets per square mile would possibly out rank any other area on earth.

According to this reporter, it was all Google's fault (a dig at a regular Murdoch adversary) as Google maps allegedly underestimated the length of the trip and failed to list 'about a dozen' potential charging stations en-route.

This is the sort of quality 'journalism' we have come to expect from any 'news' source owned by the king of the tabloids, News Ltd.

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