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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mitsubishi keen on F1-style electric car series

Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi has revealed its interest in F1 governing body the FIA’s plans to create a global racing series for electric cars.

Recent reports said FIA president Jean Todt, who thinks the new category can be set up for 2013 and be run on formula one circuits, has been asked to create the series by the European Commission.

There is some resistance within F1 to the sport’s own greener initiatives including smaller engines and hybrid technology, but Japan Today quoted president Osamu Masuko as saying Mitsubishi Motors is “very interested” in the electric series.

“Our employees are saying that we should definitely do it,” he added.

“The development costs for electric vehicles seem much lower than for gasoline cars and it would also contribute to the technological development of cars that are already on the market,” said Masuko.

Mitsubishi’s motor sport heritage has been predominantly in rallying, but it withdrew from its main focus – the off-road Dakar rally – two years ago.

Said Masuko: “I’m said to be unenthusiastic about motor sports but with electric vehicles, I want to promote them.”

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