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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toyota's low-emission cars to be manufactured in China

Toyota is planning to start production of low-emission cars in China as it looks to tap into growing demand for in the country. Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motors said the company was keen on introducing its latest technologies to the Chinese market. Interest in greener vehicles in China is growing as the country works towards reducing its pollution levels.

China is the world's biggest car market.

"We want to introduce all our environmental technologies to China," Mr Toyoda said. Along with being the world's biggest car market, China has also become the world's biggest polluter. As the government looks to cut down emission levels in the country, car makers are gearing up to cater to growing demand for environmentally-friendly cars.

On Tuesday, Honda Motors' chief executive Takanobu Ito said the company plans to start production of electric cars in China by next year. Ford Motors has also announced plans to introduce a test fleet of electric vehicles to the Chinese marker later this year.

"With China aiming to go green on the road with new-energy vehicles, the country is the perfect platform to showcase Ford's advanced technologies in the electrification plan," said Joe Hinrichs, chief executive of Ford China.

The push is coming not only from international carmakers but even domestic manufacturers. Geely Automobiles and Dongfeng Motor group have both said they plan to start production of electric and hybrid vehicles by end of next year.

Dongfeng Motors has even set a target of selling 100,000 electric cars by 2015.

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